As a scribe artist my non-conformist mind is intent on painting my take on life and telling each story piece, my storyism.

first glance.

The canvass is written in my heart, reality is distorted and the poem is an intellectual snapshot of the jigsaw experience of the raw pain icons of my mind.

Historically I associate myself with the Pharisees and Scribes referred to in the New Testament (the ancestors of the Rabbinical family I originate from) merging my ancient background within the Old Testament to my secularist modernity and I am painting for my own survival.

With my scribe artist temperament I juggle my identity as a Modern Orthodox Jew, within a passionately pluralistic, multi-cultural mind-set and as a single mother to a mixed race daughter. 

My art demonstrates that in the present day I am an authentic Jewish record keeper, passionate about education and liberal thinking. The scribe artist is always tasked with creating something from nothing like a writer creating a new story line.

My work embraces the complex and conflicting psyche of faith’s dictates within my ancient Hebrew tradition with references to the Old and New Testaments, written and Oral Law, all faiths and none.

Most of my scribe artist pieces would work at any angle and cannot be defined easily.

Seated at my folding table as a scribe artist must, the themes of the canvass must be the universality of what mankind is capable of achieving at its best and at its worst.

The trigger for each scribe artist piece is a real and raw life experience.

I enjoy challenging and articulating the issues we face head on without self-entitlement, whether tortured or not, often with humour and always with a touch of the unexpected.

Scribe artist themes are unlimited, illness, lifestyle choices, addiction, corruption death, bereavement, hamartia of the stranger or inevitably my own, the perilous fragility of the human and animal world to the unparalleled happiness of joy and birth, the ultimate positivity of meaningful success.

Scribe art always remembers kindness is not weakness it is strength.

The art and poetry transforms sphinx like across the canvass and page into the unparalleled and often unusual thought provoking beauty of truth with positive reinforcement as optimism’s key. 

There is a spirituality within my work as a scribe artist with plays on metaphors, symbols, wording and the importance of colour and what it represents within the context of the canvass and poem to generate a pivotal reaction.

Scribe artists must always be ready to challenge man made interpretations and fight for the ethics and integrity of their work

© Copyright Natalie Sommer